Nikola Tesla

A spark of genius

When was Nikola Tesla born?

Nikola Tesla was born in the tiny Croatian town of SmilJan in 1856 in a small village at midnight during a fierce thunder storm during July 9th and 10th.

A child of the storm his mom said he is a child of the light.

Nikola Tesla's family members.

Nikola's father was named Milutin Tesla. His mother was named Djuka. He had 3 sisters, Angelina, Milka, and Marica, and a brother, Daniel.

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was one of the greatest scientist of all time. He was a physicist, electrical and mechanical engineer, and inventor.

Nikola's Education

Nikolas elementary school was called the Normal School in Gospic. He loved school! When he was 10 he went to the Gymnasium. In 1870 Nikola Tesla graduated from the Gymnasium. He enrolled in the Higher Real Gymnasium in 1871 at the age of fifteen in Karlovic. This was like going to a university. In 1875, he went to continue his studies of technical education in Austria at the Polytechnic Institute.

Nikolas greatest inventons

Nikola Tesla developed technology used in alternating current to power the radio, TV , speakers, neon, and Xrays.

"The progresion development of man is virtuarlly dependent on invention.It is the most important product of his creative brain... This is the difficult task of the inventor who is often misunderstood..." Nikola Tesla

A speech of Nikola Tesla...

Tesla: Master of Lightning

Greatest achievments

One of Nikola's greatest achievements was inventing the Tesla coil, meeting Thomas Edison and being an inventor.

Nikola's Greatest Achievments

One of Nikola Tesla greatest achievements was working with Thomas Edison.

Tesla Coil

His other achievement was inventing the Tesla coil. Nikola Tesla invented the Tesla Coil in 1891-1893. A Tesla Coil is a high frequency alternating current transformer used to power stereos, radios, and televisions

Hydroelectric dam

achievement was making hydroelectric dam. when Tesla went to Niagra falls he pictured a hydroelectric dam in his mind so water can power stuff. Nikola said water can be used to power stuff

Nikolas Tesla's last invention: The World System or Wardenclyffe Project

Nikola Tesla had an idea to make a tower that would send wireless signals, so people could talk to people from another country. It never became operational because he did not have enough money to finish it.

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