MPACT 2013

Teaching & Learning Institute

Agenda for Friday, May 3, 2013

  • Good News
  • Today's Objectives
  • Committee Responsibilities
  • Committee Updates

Workshop/Proposal Committee ~ Felicia

Facilities & Design Committee ~Felicia

Publicity Committee ~ Abby & Jodi

Materials & Supplies Committee ~ Kelly James

Registration Committee ~ Ashley

Sponsorship Committee ~ Tonda

Hospitality Committee ~ Alex

Technology Committee ~ Renee

Swag Committee ~ Melissa

Entertainment ~ Felicia

  • Next Steps
  • Today's Launch

Submission Topics Thus Far for MPACT

Here are some samples of sessions that will be presented at the Institute.

  • The Burnout Teacher
  • Sensitivity Towards Gay and Lesbian Students *
  • Child Abuse *
  • Bully Prevention *
  • Grief/Loss/Trauma *
  • CSOPE *
  • Project Based Learning at Its Best
  • Responding to Interventions
  • Understanding the Dyslexic Student *
  • Bringing Literature into the K-5 Classroom
  • Zumba *
  • Finding Balance & Taking Care of Self (Fitness Training Class) *
  • Data Driven Decision Making *
  • Bring reading into math with QTIPS
  • TLI Updates *
  • Managing a 1:1 iPad Classroom
  • Animate your students work with Frames
  • Effective Elements of Sustained Communication
  • Ebooks for iPads (and other devices)
  • Plant the S.O.D. to teach
  • Literacy Circles and Edmodo
  • Elementary Style Copyright Done Right
  • Easy Doesn't Mean It's Legal
  • From IFD to PPF: C-SCOPE and PBLConnecting
  • I Have Technology, Now What?
  • QR Codes
  • Toys or Toosl: Technology Integration in the Classroom
  • iMovie and Your Classroom
  • Fourth Grade Science Labs
  • Projects & Technology
  • Kindling the Fire in You
  • Small Groups for Secondary *
  • Technology Makes Us Tree Friendly

Next Steps for Committees for Week of May 6th

  • Publicity Committee Create a flyer or something that tells of our extension date & campus visits for MPACT Proposals (will send information to you by the end of the day)
  • Campus Visits for Proposal Committee.
  • Meet with Mr. Kellan (Jodi & Felicia)
  • Sponsorship Committee will Launch of Sponsorship, Vendors, & Exhibitors Letters
  • All Committees Finalize Your Costs for Things You Need
  • Hospitality ~ Get invoices for specific food items and/decorations. Submit invoices to Felicia on or before Friday, May 10th.
  • Get a quote on two customized table cloths for C & I.
  • Swag Committee ~ What is our T-shirt going to look like? Provide the committee with a sample or visual for next meeting date.
  • Lisa or Dave ~ Can you help me crunch some numbers on next week?
  • Be sure your workgroups are assisting you.
  • All Committee Members ~ Use the postcard that Abby created to send out personal notes to possible presenters. Google Doc will be shared with you by Renee.
  • Facilities & Design ~ Comb the venue, finalize locations for specific areas of need.
  • Registration Committee ~ Sit down with Felicia to discuss /review the plan for registration at MPACT.
  • Technology Committee: Status of the MPACT App.

Today's Launch

"Many great ideas go unexecuted, and many great executioners are without ideas. One without the other is worthless." - Tim Blixseth

MPACT 2013 Steering Committee

Claudia Acevedo, Cindy Brackmeyer, Tonda Brown, Chrysta Carlin, Alex Carrillo, Laurie Fay, Ashley Fredo, Muya Hayes, Roel Hinojosa, Jason Hook, Kelly James, Lisa Kutsch, Rebecca Lott, Melissa Payne, Laura Perez, Jodi Posados, Abby Siedenstrang, Renee Setser, Colleen Stearns, David Surdovel, Leslie Thomas, Felicia Turner, Floridalia Zuniga-Gray, & Leslie Whitworth