John George Haigh

By: Valeria Sanchez

A.K.A. "The Acid Bath Murderer" & "Vampire"

Characteristics: Robberies - Claims that he drank a cup of the victims' blood

Number of victims: 6

Date of murders: 1944 - 1949

Date of arrest: February 26, 1949

Method of murder: Beating with a blunt instrument / Shooting

Location: London, England, United Kingdom

Haign childhood

John George Haigh was born in Stamford,Lincolnshire.His parents were very religious were members of the Plymouth brethren they had a very strict lifestyle. He was confined to living within a 10 ft (3 m) fence that his father put up around their garden to lock out the outside world. Haigh would later claim he suffered from recurring religious nightmares in his childhood. Despite these limitations, Haigh developed great passion for the piano, which he learned at home.

After school he was employed as a motor engineer. After a year he left that job, and took jobs in insurance and advertising.

Haigh method of killing his victims

Throughout his life, Haigh suffered from a recurring dream: he spoke of a forest of crucifixes that would gradually turn into trees and drip with blood. He would see a man collecting the blood into a cup but he always awakened before he could take a drink. It was the dream, Haigh would confess to the police after his arrest, that made him believe he needed blood in order to live. His first 3 victims were beaten to death. The last 3 victims were shot the gun belonged Dr. Henderson. Once the victims were dead, Haigh claims that he drank a cup of the victims' blood. He then pushed the body into a 45 gallon drum. Then he put on a rubber apron, gloves, wellies, and a gas mask and poured concentrated sulphuric acid into the drum to cover the body. The intense heat generated by the action of the sulphuric acid on the body melted the human bones completely.

Haigh's original reason for killing his victims was for profit. He forged papers which gave him power of attorney and so he was able to sell off their property. By forging papers, he was able to sell property belonging to the Hendersons . He also kept their dog. Other victims female, he only had the chance to sell their jewelry and fur coat.

Haigh Trial

Mr. Justice Humphries was to preside at the trial, which opened on July 18th, 1949. An estimated four thousand people crowded into the small town of Lewes in the hope of getting a seat. The lines were long and most were disappointed. A few attempted to sell their seats. On August 6th, 1949, at Wandsworth Prison, John George Haigh was hanged , the murderer who dissolved his victims in acid, was executed. He bequeathed his clothing to Madame Tussaud's Chamber of Horrors, where a wax figure of him was erected. He sent instructions that it must always be kept in perfect condition, the trousers creased, the hair parted, his shirt cuffs showing.
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