African AIDS Foundation

Giving children homes, hope, and a future.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the African AIDS Foundation is to help alleviate suffering for people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS, strengthen families impacted by HIV/AIDS, and help to rebuild communities.

What the African AIDS Foundation does

Supporting and assisting families with AIDS

The African AIDS Foundation gathers volunteers from all over the world, and sends them to Africa to help families that have been afflicted with AIDS, and help Africans worried about getting or having HIV or AIDS. The African AIDS Foundation is not just for families affected by AIDS, it was also made to help families in need, like to rebuild communities for families that don't have one or for families that lost their homes.

Helping the Community

While the volunteers of the African AIDS Foundation help make more awareness for AIDS, the volunteers will also help people strengthen communities, build schools, and help build houses for some of the less fortunate in Africa. These volunteers are sent to live in Africa for at least six months to help people build homes and assist families. The Foundation also tries to get other volunteers to join through barbecues and other promotional events.

Promotional events

The African AIDS Foundation tries to raise money by getting people to host fundraising events and getting people to donate. The funds raised are used to send volunteers to Africa, send medicine to people afflicted with AIDS, and sending food to villages. If you want to help more directly, then you can become a volunteer.

How To Volunteer

If you want to join the African AIDS Foundation, you can contact them at their website, or you can get a volunteer sheet from the website