USA VS Sweden

Parenting in both countries; Which is better?

Common Rules parents may have — USA

How is parenting viewed in the United States?

  • Stressful
  • Challenging
  • Not accomplished
  • Hard work

Expectations of the Parents

  • Communicate often
  • Be happy
  • Be responsible
  • To be successful


Parenting Style most often used

Sweden's liberal approach to parenting has bred a nation of ill-mannered brats.

Sweden's approach to parenting is absolutely Permissive
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Common Rules Parents may have

  • Let children enjoy their life
  • Give vast amounts of freedom
  • Let children play and be active

How Parenting is viewed in Sweden

  • Both parents have equal responsibilities; Men and Women are absolutely equal
  • Parenting is a joy to them
  • They treat children with utmost care; without abuse or any negative move

Expectations of Parents

  • Kids should enjoy their childhood as long as they can
  • Avoiding pressure until a child is around the age of 7 or 8
  • Be good and treat others equally

Parenting Similarities — USA & Sweden

  1. Cohabitation
  2. "Cohabitation is an arrangement where two people who are not married live together in an emotionally and/or sexually intimate relationship on a long-term or permanent basis. "Cohabitation" usually refers to unmarried couples who live together without formally registering their relation as a marriage."

2. Children outcomes.

3. Kids with single parents are less likely to go to college.

Parenting Differences

USA — Sweden

  1. USA : Couples get married then have children. Sweden : Have children before getting married
  2. USA : More negative effects. Sweden : Less negative effects.
  3. USA : Do not leave kids unattended. Sweden : It is absolutely normal and okay to leave your children outside a shop or a store. Kidnappers & criminals in Sweden [and in Europe] will not dare touch or harm an unattended baby. Cops are also used to seeing babies outside. European shops have "baby parking areas" where parents could leave their child inside a stroller while they grab some dinner inside.

A Swedish woman who police say left her baby unattended outside a Massachusetts restaurant while she ordered food inside was reported to a state agency for possible child maltreatment, officials said on Monday.

Police said they were summoned to the Bueno Y Sano eatery in the western Massachusetts college town of Amherst on Friday after the 1-year-old boy was left alone in his stroller on the sidewalk for about 10 minutes.

The woman, who authorities did not identify, said she "found nothing wrong with the situation" and that it was common in Sweden to leave young children alone outside a restaurant, said police.

4. USA : more discipline. Sweden: little to no discipline.

5. USA : no Paternity leave. Sweden : Paternity leave.