December 16, 2014

This Week

Monday: Our field trip to CMS for their music program was wonderful and informative!

Thursday: Guidance Career Speakers

Friday: Winter Party 12:15ish (cookie party!) Of course, parents are welcome!

All Week: Holiday Excitement

All of the Good Stuff

Sadly, we finally finished Mr. Lemoncello's Library! It is safe to say we all thoroughly enjoyed this novel! We were able to use skills and strategies that good readers use as we enjoyed this book together; making inferences and drawing conclusions, using evidence to identify character traits and how characters change, and expanding vocabulary we under constant discussion. Students are now working on their dodecahedron project to wrap up this book. Our new book is Running Out of Time and it is quite a departure from the light-hearted Lemoncello! Students continue to read self-selected books during read to self and apply the skills we work on during class read aloud to their own reading and writing. Our grammar lessons have focused on possessive nouns and using the apostrophe correctly (as well as not over using apostrophes- always a phenomenon! :)

We met with Miss Altieri's 2nd grade class and offered our 5th grade expert revising and proofreading abilities to help writing partners fine tune their stories! See below for some pictures of hard working kids!

This week, we also had a Socratic seminar on Stonehenge. After reading a non-fiction passage about this "famous stone" we had wonderful discussion that included supporting our ideas with evidence from the text and connections to our own lives. I love Socratic seminars; the kids are always more insightful than I could ever imagine!

Both math classes are at the point we are using all computation skills to problem solve and work with decimals and fractions in real-life situations. We are investigating binary numbers in class as a bit of math enrichment, I had hoped the kids would have their Magic Cards ready to go for Winter Break, but it seems like we might not quite make it to the end of the investigation before Friday!

We have left the science units behind for a bit while we focus on geography. We have been learning key vocabulary and investigating maps and atlases. It's been nice to switch gears a bit!