The Atomic Bomb

Aaron Park Acd.3

Do you know what causes bombs to explode? Have you ever wondered, what happened to the Atomic Bomb? Atomic bombs are nuclear and give off dangerous radiation. This radiation causes severe health problems and death. The atomic bomb dropped at the end of WW II, in Japan, killed many people.

An Atom Bomb, known as the A-Bomb for short, is a bomb that creates it's devastating explosive force by the splitting of atoms' nuclei through a process as a nuclear fission. The atomic bomb, while perhaps not the first weapon of mass destruction, certainly gave rise to the term. While its invention in the mid-20th century is considered one of the most pivotal events in human history, it has only been used in combat twice.(Hiroshima and Nagasaki.) Obviously, it will release not 1, but 2 types of radiation. The first is gamma radiation.The second is neutron radiation. Both can severely damage and kill living tissue, which is why radiational therapies are often used in treating cancerous tissue. Both can become airborne, as particulate is blown around and can be deposited hundreds of miles down wind. This is called fallout. (This is why the game Fallout is named, well, Fallout.)

The Bombs

The Atom Bomb needs to be made of 90% of enriched uranium in order to used for such a weapon. Plutonium can also be used. In order for the bomb to explode, either the plutonium or enriched uranium must reach critical mass, which will cause the nuclei to split and release uncontrollable amount of energy. Before Albert Einstein died, He wrote a note saying to do 3 things. 1.He asked surgeons to remove his brain and donate it to science. 2. He asked to cremate ( set on fire.) his body, and throw the ashes into some secret place. (Which I don't know.) 3. He asked the world to stop making nuclear weapons. He said, and I quote "I do not know how the 3rd world war will be fought, but I know how the 4th will, with sticks and stones." Basically, he was saying if the world continues to make nuclear weapons, the human race will go back to fighting like cavemen. Today, the most powerful bomb today is the Tsar. (Pronounced zar.) which is equal to 50 million tons of TNT.