Patriot Press

August 26-30


We survived the first week of school! I know you all are exhausted! It was such a smooth start! I hope it was great for all of you. Please take time to rest this weekend! My kids made fun of me all week because I would be in bed around 8:30!

If you are doing some fun activities this week, be sure to send Christina and I a text. We would like to pop in!

-Save the Date-Nov. 5 will be our Parent Conference day-you want to share with parents so they are aware.

If you are wanting to sign up for a district training(other than curriculum studies and those that Megan and Christin are sharing with you), please email and let me know you are interested in going. I like to know what trainings people are attending :0)

-We are going to come around on Monday to check in with each team and make sure things are going well and if you have any questions for us. I am attaching a document in the smore for you to look over before we meet so you can ask questions. It will clarify what you do at team meetings, collaboration and curriculum studies.

When you drop your students off at lunch, please remind the students who sit at the peanut free table that they cannot have peanut products at that table. We have had multiple students sitting at this table with peanuts and they have been sitting next to someone with severe allergies. Thanks for your help with this. Please continue to remind them about the rules for the cafeteria. Please focus on reminding them to clean their area and to keep their feet under the table :0)

Important Dates

August 26-

Quick check in with teams during block

Day 6

August 27

Rachel Powell-math walk p.m.

3/5 parent orientation

Day 1

August 28

Buckels out in a.m.

Surber out in p.m.

Day 2

August 29.

Fundraiser Kick-off

2nd/4th parent orientation

Buckels/Raggihianti off campus p.m.

Day 3

August 30-

Rogers-off campus

Day 4

Character Corner

Word of the Month-TRFCC

Morning Announcements-office


I know you have done post cards in the past. If you want to do them, you are more than welcome to and we will provide the stamps. If you want to do something different, that is fine also!

Parent Communication

I realized I haven't shared my expectations for parent communication. I am sure you are great communicators but I have been asked what I expect. I would like for you to communicate weekly with parents. The format is up to you. You can use a smore, cute word or publisher format or it's learning. I just ask that you email this info to your parents with a link to the information. Please include what the student's will be learning along with any other information they may need(field trips, needed supplies, etc) Our parents want to be "in the know". When they feel like they know and understand what is happening in the classroom, they are happy!

When you have a parent who sends you an email and they are upset about something that happened in the classroom, please find the time to call them back and discuss the situation. Emails are tricky because you aren't always sure about the tone will be interpreted. If a parent sends me an email about an issue, I will usually ask the parent to reach out to you. Most problems can be easily resolved with communication and information. Always remember to be proactive instead of reactive!

Shout Out

A big shout out to:

-everyone for stepping to up to help with dismissal. It has been crazy hot and crazy busy! Each day is getting better and faster!

-everyone who helped with our Character Cruise. I enjoyed getting to visit with the every student. It is a great way to make sure we are all on the same page with expectations.

Dismissal Times

Normal dismissal

3:00 Kinder Car riders-we will still come early to help get as many loaded as possible

3:08 - Car riders, bus riders

3:10 bikers, walkers, side day care

3:15- Back Day Care,

3:20 - Second run buses

They have not come to add these bells and announcements to our system yet so we will be doing them manually

Lunch Money

We will be trying something new this year. If a child has no money, they will be sent to the office to get a slip allowing them to borrow from the principal's account. A note will be placed in your mailbox that will need to go home with the student which will ask for repayment of the money borrowed. We are hoping to keep students from having to eat a cheese sandwich. Please help us by making sure the envelope goes home.

Basic Instructions for the Copy Machine

Team Collaboration and Planning guidelines

Big picture