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May 2018

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Benjamin Watson, a tight end for the NFL team the Baltimore Ravens learned a valuable lesson during his college career at the University of Georgia-"Finish the Drill". Finishing strong in sports has helped him develop the traits to do the same in life where it really counts. Passing these traits onto our kids could be the difference between their success and failure. Here are 3 character qualities built from finishing strong.

1. Perseverance in Difficulty

"Adversity is a reality of life. it's not whether or not it's going to hit, but how we respond when it does."

2. Moral Character

"Moral failure occurs when people lose focus and gradually drift off the path."

3. A Commitment to Excellence.

"A consistent and heart-filled effort to completion is the foundation of excellent work."

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Helping Children Understand Autism

You are with your child who is playing with classmates and you witness a child exhibiting behavior that is odd. Perhaps she is flapping her hands, making strange sounds, repeating phrases from movies, or rocking back and forth--all behaviors that might be attributed to autism. Your child whispers, "Why is she doing that, Mommy?" How do you respond?

Autism is a disorder that is difficult for young children to understand, particularly if they have never interacted with someone who is diagnosed with it. How you respond to your child's question makes a significant impact on your child's understanding of this complex disorder as well as his or her acceptance and tolerance of individuals with different abilities. Evading the question or answering it in global generalities will only further confuse your child. Here are some suggestions as you help your child to understand autism.

1. Be honest.

2. Know that every child is different, including those with autism.

3. Put a positive spin on it.

4. Talk to the child's parent.

5. Encourage interactions between the children.

With autism occurring in one in every 110 children, your child is likely to encounter a number of children with autism. Precise explanations, worded positively, will go a long way to ease the fears of your child and promote acceptance for individuals with different abilities.

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2nd Mile Teacher Award

Congratulations to our 2nd Mile Teacher, Ms. Megan Peoples! 2nd Mile Teacher is awarded to a teacher who exhibits outstanding qualities in the classroom. Teachers are nominated by their peers for the award and voted on by the faculty and staff here at Chalkville. Ms. Peoples is a 4th grade teacher and her students learn so much while in her class! You can often times find her past students dropping by to say hello! She really makes a positive impact on her students!

Support Person of the Year

Congratulations to Chalkville Elementary School ESPY (Educational Support Person of the Year) winner Mrs. Odette Rumie-Craig! Faculty and staff here at Chalkville nominated people from our support staff for the ESPY award and then the entire faculty voted for a winner! Mrs. Craig is our Spanish translator and works very hard daily to make our school a better place! She will go above and beyond her duties to ensure that the students she works with are cared for and learning the curriculum! Mrs. Craig is a huge asset to our school and we appreciate her hard work so much!

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