Kindergarten Science

Kansas State Standards - Anna & Taylor

These are the concepts that you will learn in Kindergarten

Science as Inquiry

The student will be involved in activities that develop skills necessary to conduct scientific inquires

1. The student identifies properties of objects

2. The student describes an observation orally and pictorially

Physical Science

All student will develop skills to describe objects

1. The student separate or sorts a group of objects or materials by properties

Life Science

The student will develop an understanding of the characteristics of living things

1. The students examines the structures/parts if living things.

Earth and Space Science

The student will observe and compare objects in the sky

1. The student observes and recognizes the sun, moon, stars, clouds, birds, airplanes, and other objects in the sky

2. The student describes that the sun provides light and warmth

The student will describe changes in weather.

1. The student observes changes in the weather from day to day

2. The student discuss weather safety procedures

Science Technology

The student will use technology to learn about the world around them

1. The student explores the way things work

Science in personal and environmental perspectives

The student will demonstrate responsibility for their own health

1. The student engages in personal care

2. The student discusses healthy foods

3. The student discusses that humans need to practice being safe

History and nature of science

The student will know they practice science

1. The student is involved in exploration that make his/her mind wonder and know that he/she is practicing science.

2. The student uses technology to learn about people in science