Good Ole Nic

What is Nicotine? (cigarettes)

Nicontine is potent parasympathomimetic alkaloid found in several edible plants. This is made from the roots of the plants then is found in the leaves. Nicontine is a stimlant drugs that is used in Cigarettes and E cigarettes and most variety of tobacco products. 0.6-3.0% of the nicotine is in the leaves of plants that create the drug. Cigarettes where nicotine is mainly used is always mixed with chemicals that increase cancer risk from just smoking straight tobacco or cigars

How is Nicotine taken into the body?

The main way people take nicotine into the body is by inhaling but there are other ways people do intake nicotine by chewing gum that contains nicotine, or patches you put on your arms and you absorb the nicotine through that way, or chewing tobacco.

Slang words for Nicotine(cigarettes)

Cigs, Cancer stick, Cigar, Dip, Moon Cricket, Chew, Chaw, Coffin nail, Stogie, Smokes

Long/Short term affects

A few short term effects are High blood pressure, increased pulse rate, smokers cough, and dizziness. Long term effects are Addiction and Dependence, damaged blood vessel lining, and pre mature aging

Signs of Abuse

when you can't stop smoking and your body has a dependence on the nicotine. you keep smoking despite your health situation. you begin giving up recreational activities to go smoke. Nicotine overdose (head aches, stomach aches, possibility of fainting).

Dependence & Addiction

Nicotine is highly addicting especially with cigarettes. eventually your body will start to depend on it after you get that first feeling and you want it again your body will start to think it needs it.

E-cigs (vape)

An e-cig is electronic cigarette that uses e-liquid which is just fluid that contains nicotine so its a lot better for you then smoking cigarettes and cigars that have all the chemicals in the tobacco. There are 2 main parts to a vape and thats the battery and the tank (atomizer, clearomizer, cartomizer). with the tanks there isn't really a difference with atmoizers and clearomizers, but cartomizers use cotton and can hold alot more e-liquid then your average clearomizer/atomizer. with the batteries there are Egos which are smaller cheaper batteries and then you have what people call mods(advanced batteries) that use a separate batteries as the Ego batteries do not require a separate battery.