Push and pull factors

By : Pranav Venkateswaran

Religious persecution - Iran

Iranian Christians are being persecuted because Iran is a mostly Muslim country and the Muslims there do not want Christians int here mix.

The Iranian Christians are fleeing all around the world . A lot of them come to the United States as the United States has one of the most if not the most Christian population in the world .

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Environmental factors - Maldives

The Maldives islands are slowly sinking into the ocean . It is estimated that in about 30- 40 years the Islands are going to be completely submerged . People who live in the Maldives might want to go anywhere around the world like India which is the closest country to them or they might want to travel all the way to the United States .
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Ethnic persecution - Kurds

The ethnic group known as the Kurds are being persecuted in Iraq because of there ethics . The Iranian people / government are killing these Kurds in genocidal campaigns like the Al - Anafal . The Kurds that escape from Iran will most likely go to a place like Europe or the United States where they will be free from being persecuted for ethics .
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Forced migration - US government forcing Native Americans

During Andrew Jackson's presidency many Native Americans were forced onto reservations from there home by the United States government .
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Economic motives - Latin Americans migrating to the US

The US was the land of opportunity for a lot of people . Especially in Latin America . People in Poor Latin American countries migrated to the US to get a better life a better economic opportunity .

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Political factors - Syria

Syria has been in a civil war for decades against the Assad family regime. Assad oppressed and even carried out acts of genocide against Syrian civilians . For these reasons a lot of people would want to escape Syria because of the political turmoil there . If they decide to migrate they might go to the US or someplace where they can live a good life and live in safety .

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