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Week of November 17

Samaritan Inn Project Update

Well, we are heading into the final stretch of collecting donations and reaching as many people as we can to help with our service project! Family after family has blown me away with their giving hearts and servant attitudes. I have loved seeing my kiddos get so excited about making a difference and really doing everything within their power to make as big of an impact as possible!

This week our grand total has risen to 4,627 items!

In our last few days, my students have come up with some last minutes ideas on getting more people involved and I thought I would share them with you so you can help them!

You can reach out and ask for donations from:

1.) Your church

2.) Any sports teams your child plays with and even the coach

3.) Girl Scout/ Boy Scout troops

4.) Parent Co-workers

5.) Grandma and Grandpa or other relatives


Thursday the 20th, we will be delivering the items to the inn and the director said that they are counting down the days until we come. I will not be able to fit all of the supplies in my car, so I will need some volunteers to come and assist. Last year this was the part that many of my students will tell you was the most rewarding. If you can arrange to help that would be fabulous. We will start loading vehicles at 3:45! Please let me know if you can help!!



Grobe's Corner

This week we strengthened our summarizing skills while looking at several different genres. We also worked on our analyzing skills while reading and being able to support our responses with evidence from what we read.

In writing, we focused on our revising and editing skills while working with several different writing samples (their own personal narratives, a peer's personal narrative, and in a "test type" passage). Not only did we emphasize the importance of adding more details to our stories to make them better, but we zoned in on the grammar and writing conventions that have been giving us strife!

Next week we will learn about trickster tales and the kiddos will show me what all they have learned, thus far, by writing a personal narrative all on their own... from beginning to end! I can't wait to see their knowledge take form in these next writing samples.

I was very impressed with their focus and drive this week. I feel we made great improvements in many areas we have been struggling with, lately!


Destine' Grobe

Morris' Corner

This week in Math we continued working through 2 by 2 digit multiplication problems. We also learned about input/output relationship tables. We will continue reviewing these standards next week, and quiz the students on Tuesday to see what they have mastered and what they still need help with.

In Science we used the whole week reviewing for our District Assessments. The kids worked hard on their study guides and then played a fun jeopardy review game on Thursday. Next week we will spend Monday and Tuesday finishing our Habitat projects and then do a Gallery Walk on Wednesday to see all of the hard work that is displayed. Before the Thanksgiving Break, we will start our Unit on Matter.

***Please randomly write down 5 - 2 by 2 digit multiplication problems for your child to work on at home each day. I believe that they will start to grasp the concept with a little more practice. Also, some students are struggling because they don't know their facts. Please help your child practice their facts daily.

I hope you have a great weekend!

Mrs. Morris

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Grobe's Bloggers of the Week

Congrats Landon and Jackson

Every week my kiddos are asked to blog about one thing they learned in my class. This helps me in seeing their learning connections and growth, as well as knowing if I need to reteach any content. Each week I will choose one Blogger of the Week from each of my classes and feature them in our newsletter, in our hall, and on my website!

Happy Reading,

Mrs. Grobe

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