Esther De berdt Reed

Esther Reed Will Lead, Vote Now

Lifetime story!!!

Esther was born in October 22, 1746, London, England. Esther Reed had a very bright childhood!!! Dennis De Bert was her father he taught her everything like education, house hold things, and others.Her mother moved to Philadelphia. Her father always had colonist stay at their house. When Ether first met Joseph Reed it was when he was staying at their house. After he got back from a trip they got married and soon had three kids. While Joesph was away she always wrote letters to him about how things were at home.When she did get to go with Joesph to help she accomplished a lot of things.

What did Esther Reed do in the war?

She lead the largest women's organization that helped raise more then 7,000 dollars for the troops in the revolutionary. She as well help make over 2,000 shirts for the troops. She was married to the governor of Philadelphia.She cooked and nursed all of colonist for free or many time for money. But eventually died from working.

Pictures of Esther De Bert Reed and Joesph Reed



Esther Reed was a very brave woman. She cooked and nursed and she help out in the war. Not only did she risk her life over ours, but she died doing what is right for what is now the U.S.A.! She did everything a woman could possibly do in a war. Everyday you should be thankful that there were people like Esther Reed who fought for our freedom. Without them, we would not have the graceful life we have today.