1st Impressions Team

April 1, 2013

A great reason to book in tight!

Let's all do our share to help raise awareness about Autism by offering a trunk show to help support the HOLLYROD Foundation? Did you know that last year Stella & Dot gave $126,000 to Autism Speaks? Spread that impressive news. People love to give back so lets help them do it this month!


Melissa Soto Figueroa, Lead Stylist

Gillian Zanre, Lead Stylist

Christina Acampora, Lead Stylist

Stephanie Toporowski, Lead Stylist

Leemor Katz, Lead Stylist

Rima Larson, Lead Stylist


Spring is going to be busy so mark your calendars!

Local Area APRIL Meet Ups will have the NEW Tote Collection. Come see, touch, and play with these gorgeous pieces. Guests will receive special gifts so be sure to bring a potential stylist or two! You can find your local meet up here: stylewatch.stelladot.com/events
Boston Area: http://newenglandaprilmonthlymeeting.eventbrite.com/#

Would you like to promote by Hoopla? This is the event for YOU! For all details and to register visit: http://lounge.stelladot.com/news/build-it-big-training

** I will be at the NJ Bootcamp with Danielle and would love to have lunch with YOU! Let me know if you are attending and we'll make plans: Thursday, March 11th!

DANIELLE IS COMING TO NEW ENGLAND! That's right--an event you won't want to miss! Come for the styling, training, and all-out laughs with Danielle herself! Tuesday, May 7th. RSVP: http://newenglandaprilmonthlymeeting.eventbrite.com/#

NEW STYLIST TRAINING TONIGHT! Monday, April 1st 7:30pm ET / 4:30pm PT

Are you a new stylist ready to get your business going with gusto? Are you a seasoned stylist who'd like to brush up on the new Jumpstart elements? Please join me tonight at 7:30pm ET for 30 mins. of advice followed by Q&A:

Conference Dial-in Number: (760) 984-1000
Participant Access Code: 115297#

Early Bird Hoopla Registration has been extended to May 5th!

Studies have shown that Hoopla attendees have moved their businesses forward 6x faster! I hope you'll join us at this unforgettable adventure!

I just love this video from a few years back. One Tribe is what we're all about...and this is a tribe I will stick with!
Stella & Dot Hoopla 2010 - One Tribe Video

Register here: http://www.cvent.com/events/joie-de-vivre-hoopla-2013/event-summary-93c9481d65d941adadaf3dd83136612b.aspx



Way to build up those product credits for the new collection!

Cheers to those who busted a move to earn their 30% commissions:

Julie Lutz $10,885.54

Isabel Stover $8,940.56

Deborah Brosnan $7,244.69

Courtney Jonke $6,363.66

Sarah Pearsall $6,110.82

Cyndie Femino $5,885.10

Ginger Pingree $5,522.50

Kari Becker $5,268.03

Pamela Thomas $5,101.77

Helen Plummer $4,579.50

Rima Larson $4,349.36

Melissa Spiers $4,334.20

Kim Bender $4,308.49

Rosemarie Connell $4,181.50

Kristen Weiss $4,096.30

Julie Gilbert $4,018.93

Christine Colburn $3,842.60

Meredith Goldstein $3,730.34

Lauren Greeley $3,641.00

Heather Stephens $3,553.78

Carrie McGraw $3,483.52

Laura Alexander $3,476.00

Janice Stifler $3,445.00

Michelle Whitney $3,384.55

Marnie Kamensky $3,302.00

stacy stein $3,034.83

Julie Berrigan $3,007.10

Deidre Rudich $2,854.00

Marie Nyland $2,815.10

Patricia Allen $2,724.00

Christina Acampora $2,710.66

Lisa Pickett $2,613.50

Aurore Gratton $2,601.00

Michalah Burrows $2,531.24

Valerie Lawrence $2,523.47

Natalie Knowles $2,440.20

Aree Wichman $2,363.80

Monica Jones $2,351.50

Dawn Caldicott $2,336.30

Stephanie Gaiser $2,326.50

Susie Pala $2,320.30

Alyson Manville $2,316.00

And to those who earned their Business Supply Credits:

Marie-Mathilde Delahaye $2,270.50

Colleen Wilcox $2,246.60

Nancy Domich $2,099.00

Suzette Lipker $2,093.20

Mirav Domm $2,093.00

Stephanie Hancock $2,049.00

Abbie Micucci $2,021.60

Sophie Mitchell $1,937.22

Erin Faul $1,902.00

Rebecca Maas $1,901.00

Sheila Collins $1,882.00

Sandra Shim $1,877.00

Carolyn Peters $1,868.50

Alicia Hackney $1,819.59

Heather Dodge $1,808.20

Patricia Butler $1,786.73

Michele Mosher $1,781.90

Shelly Hunt $1,764.21

Michelle niemi $1,659.60

Ingrid Beggs $1,655.00

Melanie Flores $1,646.55

Stefanie Heitz $1,624.00

Katie Dreher $1,617.00

Erika Horowitz $1,584.00

janet walsh $1,578.00

LIZ KRUEGER $1,569.00

Anne Manuel $1,556.00

Katherine Pratt $1,555.60

Kelly Hall $1,552.10

Kristy Inge $1,526.55

Melissa Soto Figueroa $1,505.60

Kristina Spillane $1,501.50

ryann cleary $1,483.00

Kate Stone $1,424.45

Jean Birnberg $1,390.00

Jana Graber $1,376.00

Julie Griswold $1,375.45

Elizabeth Hanlan $1,373.50

Shelley Carr $1,370.64

Megan Madera $1,362.00

Brittney Block $1,318.50

Carli Mckenney $1,317.20

Kimberly O'Brien $1,310.00

Krystle Tolson $1,279.00

Elizabeth Semon $1,275.00

Michelle Colasante $1,261.50

Donna Camarda $1,246.00

Angela Killian $1,208.00

Valerie Austin $1,202.00

Sophia Kondos $1,129.00

Danielle Deyo $1,087.72

Paige Clairmont $1,067.25

Mandy McKee $1,064.73

Jennifer English $1,061.50

Deborah Dehart $1,034.13

Colleen Yoo $1,033.00

Linette Liggero $1,029.83

Kimberly Boeschen Ribich $1,024.30

Tracy Geary $1,021.00

Gillian Zanre $1,011.32

arianna bregoli $1,009.00

Kelly Blau $994.37

Shawn Baldwin $985.00

Catherine DeMello $972.00

Kendra Thomson $943.35

Sandra Riel $934.00

Tamara Solomon $927.00

Meagan Kingman $879.50

Stephania Moretti $879.00

Ainsley Washek $877.50

Eileen Oberholtzer $866.00

Leslie Mosley $856.00

Brittany Lo $834.30

Jaime Kemper $814.70

Allyse Jorgensen $813.40

Karen Nelson $803.13

Cynthia Marshall $783.00

Deborah Tranten $781.00

Ashley Olen $764.00

Catherine Pace $738.80

Shelagh Racicot $730.00

Mairi Scott $729.93

Stephanie Toporowski $727.74

Dori DeMaio $703.00

Caralee Levinson $693.40

Hilary Lambert $690.50

Amy Bouvy $666.00

Leemor Katz $661.50

Sian Williams $645.76

Wendy Enright $643.50

Gianna Franco $630.50

Lori Barr $619.00

Nova Mercan $605.76

Katie Vance $603.00

Carla Jackson $594.50

Emilie Gasser $591.00

Dana Ross $586.00

Lisa Cook $574.00

Susiemae Palmer $557.00

Katherine Gillig $548.00

Lesley Wren $545.77

Melissa Stevens $543.33

Alicia Stedman $538.00

Amy Heidke $532.00

Linda Hickey $524.00

Rachel Murray $518.10

Erin Salvetti $518.00

joni santini $509.00

karen sturgis $506.37

Sharon Rosati-Wilkie $505.00

We love welcoming new stylists! Cheers to those who opened the opportunity to others AND helped them qualify in March:

Gina Becker 2

Valerie Lawrence 2

Sarah Pearsall 2

Michelle Whitney 2

Patricia Butler 2

Carrie McGraw 1

Melissa Soto Figueroa 1

Heather Stephens 1

Kristen Weiss 1

Marie-Mathilde Delahaye 1

Erin Salvetti 1

Pamela Thomas 1

Laura Alexander 1

Deborah Brosnan 1

Anne Manuel 1

Aree Wichman 1

Danielle Deyo 1

Leemor Katz 1

Rima Larson 1