Women in the War

Civil War

" More than 400 women camouflage themselves as men and fought in the Union and Confederate armies in the Civil War " as said in the website( . Thousands of women from the North and the South joineed volunteer and signed up to work as a nurse in the Civil War . Many women volunteer to do such as laundry,cook food,nurse,sewed,and knitted socks and gloves , but most women wanted to take a bigger role they wanted to fight like the men in the Civil War.

During World War ll more than 350,000 women served in the armed forces . There were 400 documents that proved that women fought as soldiers . "Many women were playing important roles in the Civil War because many of them were nurses, spies, soldiers, abolitionists, civil rights advocates and promoters of women’s suffrage. Most women were engaged in supplying the troops with food, clothing, medical supplies, and even money through fundraising", as said in .

5.09 million out of the 23.8 million women in Britain were working . Numberless of women are engaged as signed up to be serving at the Red Cross as nurses . World War ll became a conflict because Rosie the Riveter a women factory laborer were performing what was a previously man's work not a women's work . In 1945 more that 2.2 women were working in industries.


Nancy Grace Augusta Wake was born August 30,1912 in Wellington,New Zealand . Nancy was the youngest of the six children , her family moved to Australia . At the age of 16 she escaped from home and started to work as a nurse . In 1937 Wake met a wealthy French industrialist Henri Edmond Fiocca , she was living in France . By 1943 Wake was the Gestapo's most wanted person, with a 5 million- dollar price on her head , her husband stayed behind and later was captured and tortured and executed by the Gestapo . Nancy served as a British Special Operations Executive agent during the later part of World War II . In 1970 she was promoted to Officer of the Legion of Honor in 1988,also in April 2006, she was awarded the Royal New Zealand Returned and Services' Association's highest honor the RSA Badge in Gold wake's medals were placed in the museum in Canberra . Nancy Wake died in August 7,2011 in London,United Kingdom .
Women's Role In The Civil War