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An all inclusive SHS curriculum digest


Celebrations: Restorative Circles, building solid classroom communities and developing positive relationships with students were all evident during the first week of school! Yay!!!

Next Steps: Continue those great practices above...they will pay off as the year progresses! Be purposeful during Eagle Academy as you continue to get to know your students. We will complete the first DESSA rating next month.

Second Step Focus:

  • K-5: Continue "Setting the Stage" and begin Unit 1
  • 6-8: Unit 1

Feel Good Video: You Are Amazing (only 1 min!...would be awesome to show to your class!)


CHAMPS Folder (thanks 3-5 team and Sara Moss for sharing!)

Teacher Referral Form for Counseling

Big picture

Mark Your Calendars!

Tis the season for Screeners, Benchmark Assessments, and more! Pay close attention to the dates to ensure your students participate in the proper assessment windows.

iStation Reading:

  • K-5: Begin modeling now.
  • Students will begin assessments 9/16 and all should be complete by 9/30.

STAR Reading:

  • 6th through 8th grades
  • Window 9/3 through 9/27

STAR Math:

  • 1st through 8th grades
  • Window 9/3 through 9/27

iReady Math:

  • 1st through 5th grades
  • Window 9/23 through 10/11


  • All 3rd graders
  • September 12
  • Please be aware that multiple staff will be working on testing on this day.


Please check your respective curriculum outlines and ensure your students are assessed for their DUA during the required window.

Coming Up...

Check Ins #1

Reading 10/22 (Grades 4-8)

Math 10/29 (Grades 3-8)

No more mClass?? How will we do Progress Monitoring? Quick snapshot of plan below

Big picture

PLCs Coming Up

  • Setting Norms and Direction for the year
  • Guided Reading Groups - how do we form them with the data we have?
  • istation modeling
  • Setting goals (teachers and students)
  • Math Framework
  • Lesson Plans - What is your purpose? Why do we need them?

3rd Grade Only:

  • We will have a grade level meeting on 9/5 for BOG training and portfolio training
  • Pacing for portfolios


  • Setting Norms and Direction for the year.
  • Guided Reading Groups - skills and strategies for focus
  • Heidi, Irion, Melissa - Handwriting without Tears & istation modeling
  • Michelle - Math & Science pacing and planning
  • Lesson Plans - What is your purpose? Why do we need them?

Middle School:

  • Setting Norms and Direction for the year.
  • Angela, Krissy, Zach - book study begins (I will send you an email with details for this)
  • Kristin & Ashley - Math pacing and planning for the year. Textbook integration.
  • Lesson Plans - What is your purpose? Why do we need them?

Spokes People:

  • Setting Norms and Direction for the year.
  • How are we supporting school wide goals and initiatives?
  • Mods and Testing updates

Specials Teachers:

  • Setting Norms and Direction for the year.
  • How are we supporting school wide goals and initiatives?
  • How can we effectively collaborate with classroom teachers?

MTSS/SIT Meeting

  • Meets as a full team on 9/23
  • Topics included in this first meeting:

-Data share from 1819

-Update and complete action steps in indistar

-We will analyze attendance data and progress so far in schoolwide SEL efforts

-We will also analyze academic data gathered up to this point from the various screeners.

-Make recommendations for PLC focal points; Assign observations of students if needed.

Highlight Reel

Don't forget about the tools pre purchased, pre made, and pre loaded for you in EAGLE VISION. Go to "PLC & Teaching Toolkits"- Scroll down to the toolkit section and click on the link that matches your need. TONS of resources. TONS.

Struggling with what to do with your gifted learners? The AIG toolkit is still in Eagle Vision (thanks to Kate!) with a multitude of resources for those students (identified or not) who are ready for an extra push.

A few SUPER cool resources:

  • NYT Writing Curriculum - Resource Link - Free 7-unit school-year curriculum from the New York Times for middle and high schools based on the real-world writing found in newspapers, from editorials and reviews to personal narratives and analysis essays.

  • Bad News and Bad News Junior - Resource Link, Resource Link - Online game / simulation that shows how misinformation is spread through social media. Great discussion starter even if you did it whole class.

  • Socratic - Resource Link - Mobile app from Google that uses AI to help solve and explain math problems, answer questions, and provide help with over 1,000 high school topics in many subject areas.

Check out this Fortnite Choice Board. Be sure to click on the link within the doc for the rubric and change it to meet your expectations.

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