Being a Pediatrician

Do you love babies? Then you should be a Pediatrician.

Job Description

Do you like taking care of children’s?Are you great at it? Then you should be a pediatrician cause that’s what you’re born for. But being a pediatrician comes with great responsibilities. One responsibility is examining the kids like X-rays. Another responsibility is seeing and curing the child with what there diagnosed with. The third responsibility is treating the kid and fixing there injuries. Also another responsibility is doing routine check-ups on kids to insure that there healthy. The last responsibility is working with parents to make sure they take care of their kids properly.

Two Advantages

1.One of the Advantages you have in this job is You have a handsome salary.

2. Another advantage is as you become more experienced and advance they can option of working part time.

Day to Day responsibilities

Daily Routine:

1. Answer phone calls

2. Treat the kids

3. Fill out the paperwork

4.Come to the office on time

5.Start work in the office,

seeing well children and sick children

for 6-12 hours

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