Course Selection 2021-22

For Current 9th - 11th Graders

Course Request Worksheets - CRWs for Sundevils Currently in Grades 9,10,11

View your grade level Course Request Worksheet below. You will use the course numbers listed on the Course Request Worksheet to enter your selections in Synergy.

Counselors will be meeting with you individually in your English class (either tri 2 or tri 3) to discuss your questions and course choices.

Deadline to enter all 15 course requests is March 31st!

How to enter your course selections

MCHS: How to enter your Course Request

Core Requirements and Frequently Asked Questions

New Courses for next year!

Available to Juniors and Seniors

ETHNIC STUDIES is a two trimester elective that meets the UC A-G "G" elective. Watch video about the course here.

ETHNIC LITERATURE - focuses on the foundational disciplines of ethnic studies: African American Studies, Asian American Studies, Chicano Latino Studies, and Native American and Indigenous Studies. Students will engage in discussions, conduct research, synthesize different mediums from poetry to film, and craft analytical essays to understand the social and political systems that have shaped different marginalized groups in America. Students will deepen their understanding of self and others through exploring their own implicit biases. Ethnic Literature is a two trimester English course that fulfills the UC A-G "B" English requirement.

Customize Your Learning Experience

Sundevil Career & Technical Ed (CTE) Course Options/Pathways

We proudly offer several Career and Technical Education Pathways that articulate with Community Colleges, 4 year Colleges and direct entry occupations.

Project Lead The Way (PTLW) Engineering courses are recognized as a respected academic programs (similar to Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate) by UC/CSU.

AVID is Searching for YOU!

We are looking for students who are interested in direct instruction on academic skills, opportunities for tutoring in their core academic classes, and are looking for time to research for their future. These students should know they are walking into a family!

AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. It is an internationally recognized program designed to prepare students for success in both high school and college. ยท Please reach out to Ms. Randle or reach out to your counselor for more information. We would love for you to join our AVID family.

Poway Virtual Courses - PVC


Interested in taking some courses online next year?

PVC courses do NOT have live instruction on zoom each day but they do have required weekly assignments that must be completed on time. check out the PVC page

Keys to success in this format:

  • You are able to manage your time well, are responsible and organized.
  • You are self-motivated and can focus well on your own, without teacher reminders.
  • You advocate for yourself when you meet unexpected problems or challenges.

Taking Courses Outside of PUSD

Permission form

ALWAYS SEE YOUR COUNSELOR FIRST! Some classes will not meet graduation requirements, nor earn you credits

If you plan to take a foreign language course outside of PUSD you will also need this form.

Contact your Counselor if you have questions

Students Last Name:

A-F Counselor - Mrs. Kim Bronson

G-M Counselor - Mr. Husani Whitlock

N-T Counselor - Mrs. Charmaine Ferrer

U-Z, AVID & ELL Counselor - Mr. Victor Baez

Counselor , Career Technical Education - Ms. Kim Tran

Guidance Tech - Mrs. Diana O'Quin

Guidance Tech - Ms. Barb Tomicich