From The Admin Team 8/24/2020

Bernice Kiker Elementary School

What's New?

Following Up From Our Technology Survey

Thank you to everyone who has filled out the technology survey. We are reaching out to families who requested a call from the administration and to those who have not completed the survey yet. Please see below for technology distribution plans.
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Beep and Greet

We invite you to a Beep and Greet event. Please see the schedule and directions below.

Step 1: Please drive through the front circle drive and have a sign with your child's name and the teacher's name. You make decorate your car and/or sign to your heart's content. All of the teachers on the grade level will be waving and cheering as you drive past.

Step 2: Exit the circle drive, turn right and enter the side (teacher) parking lot. If you can open your trunk please do so, if not a window will work. Please stay in your car. A Kiker representative will bring a grade level bag to your car with a whiteboard and any other items the teachers have assembled. Once you receive your bag, you may exit the parking lot.

Procedures to note:

  • All teachers and staff will be wearing their masks and any other PPE appropriate for the day.
  • Please stay in your car.
  • Staff will confirm the grade level bag you are receiving.
  • We know not everyone can make it at their assigned time. Remaining bags will be available via curbside pick up between 1:00 and 4:00 daily after your Beep and Greet.
  • Students who receive services via special education or dyslexia services may have additional items to pick up. To keep the traffic flowing, we will make arrangements for individualized items at another time.

September 2

8:30 - 1st

9:30 - 4th

September 3

8:30 - Pre-K and K

9:30 - 5th

September 4

8:30 - 2nd

9:30 - 3rd

Remote Learning For Four Weeks

The first four weeks, from Sept. 8 to Oct. 5, will be remote. If your student needs access to technology, see above for how to request technology. If you still don't have a device by September 1, please contact us at 512-414-2584 so we can help.

The next four weeks, from Oct. 5 to Oct. 30, will be a phase-in period. Families will choose if they prefer on-campus or virtual learning for this period. Families who prefer on-campus learning will be phased in. We will continue to base our campus and district operations on the advice of health authorities. It is important to note: even students who choose on-campus instruction may have some days where they are still doing remote learning during this period.

· Families will choose if they prefer on-campus or remote instruction within two weeks of returning to campuses on Oct. 5 via a form which will be sent to your email.

· Austin ISD families will be able to choose to go back to remote learning based on their individual comfort level.

Bernice Kiker Elementary Administration Team

Cory Matheny - Principal

Alma Chapa Moore - Assistant Principal

Kelly Meyer - Assistant Principal