Term 1

By Sophie Galvin

Minus one strategy

Last term we lernt how to do the minus one strategy eg If you had

1000-444 you'd have to -1 witch woud be 999-443=556.

The qustions are

Q1. 1000-819=181

Q2. 1000-209=791

Q3. 1000-897

Q4. 1000-275=7285

Q5. 1000-164=836

Q6. 1000-400=600

Q7. 1000-358=642

Q8 1000-898=102.

Q9. 1000-759=241

Q10. 1000-852=148

Q11. 1000-159=841

Q12. 1000-951=49

Q13. 1000-444=556

Q14. 1000-884=116



Who is the artist? Don’t know.
What is the artwork called?Ariel mosic .
Why has the artist created this work (use information relevant from the website)?
When you look at this mosaic do you view it the same as the artist? Why? Why not?
Describe the artwork and what is represented? (forms, materials and techniques) the mosaic is made of paper he has used circles and squares it is a picture of a mermaid from the little mermaid.


Last term we had to make a mosic to show where we came from.

Charles saves the day

Charles Ingalls family was really poor so Charles took up two jobs one for a man fix a roof and stacking wheat bags and for the other man store wood.

On his day off Charles broke four of his ribs and couldn’t work for six weeks his oxen got stolen.

Charles has been seen trying to finish his job in one day the towns people came to his rescue yea he has got the oxen back.

Charlie Burr

In term one we had to a recont on a book we were reading. The book was called Charlie Burr and the 3 stolen dollers.