Mrs. Nagel's 1st grade Newsletter

September 12th, 2014


I hope your first couple weeks of school are going well! This week I met with your students to complete some very important initial assessments. All students are given similar assessments at the start of the year. These assessments, along with the additional assessments during your fall conference, will help to create your students Individual Learning Plan (ILP) and decide if any adjustment is needed with their current plan in OLS, if additional help, or increased enrichment is needed.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation! Please contact me with any questions.

In your Friday Folder this week...

Apple Life Cycle headband- this is a fun activity to do as your child learns more about apples! They can wear during our classes!
Apple Sequencing - This is the life cycle sequencing we did in our class on Monday. If your child did not attend class, this needs to be completed and returned with their assignments on October 1st.
Apple Game (Roll Say Keep) - Fun game to plan with your kids (or have a couple of kids play while working with another!) You will need to print out the PDF's and do need die to play!
The First Grade Child - This is a great list to have as your are working with your 1st grade student. Helps you to understand and work with your child. Please read it!

Weekly Progress Goals

Progress by Friday September 19th is 8% in each course

Remember, these are progress goals meant to guide you and your child to stay on track throughout the year.

Individual Learning Plans (ILPs)

In the next couple weeks I will be meeting with your child individually to work on different assessments together. After we know more where your child is based on these assessments in reading and math, we will work together to create an Individual Academic Plan (ILP) for your child during our first fall conference.

Every student in MNVA will have an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) each year. This academic plan lays out the requirements of the student for the year. This ILP can include changes to their current daily plan (initially typical 1st grade courses) and will take in account assessment data as well as other information I will gather from you and your child during our conference. The ILP can include advanced learning opportunities, remedial courses, supplemental activities/lessons, class connects, extension activities, or additional practice opportunities, using other programs supported by MNVA/K12. All activities and practice on a student's ILP will help them to reach their academic goals and maser state standards according to the expectations for their grade.

It is very important for you, as the Learning Coach, to adhere to the ILP and keep a consistent daily schedule with your child. It is also important for me, as the licensed teacher, to understand the needs and expectations for your 1st grade student. We will review the ILP together at each conference. Together we will help your child have an educational and successful 1st grade year!

1st grade Class Connects

Monday- Beginning next Monday, September 8th, we will have a weekly Monday Meeting & Math class connect at 11:00 or 1:00.

Tuesday - Beginning on September 30th, 1st graders will have a Language Arts class connect at 11:00 or 1:00.

  • Please Note! All students will be added to the 11:00 and 1:00 class connect sessions initially. The student only needs to attend one class connect a day, either 11:00 or 1:00.

Wednesday - Beginning October 1st, all students will be invited to participate in guided reading groups. These groups will be at various times throughout the day and based on the students reading and comprehension levels that I will assess during their conference. These will be small groups of 3-7 students.

Thursday & Friday - Beginning October 2nd, depending on your students needs, I will be inviting them to work with me in small groups or individually.


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Mrs. Nagel's 1st grade September Classroom Calendar

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MNVA Community Building Events

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