Alejandra's Dream Vacation

Florida Facts

  • In the United States
  • I want to visit this place because of its beaches
  • Nicknamed "Sunshine State"
  • Its capital is Tallahassee
  • Governor is Rick Scott
  • Miami is a known city here
  • Half of the water is from the Atlantic Ocean
  • Other half of water from the Gulf of Mexico
  • 27th state in The USA
  • Flattest state in the USA
  • Largest citrus fruit producer, second in the whole world


It will take us 4hr and 18min or more and it's 1,023 miles away. I will bring my whole family and get there by plane, we will stay for only one week. The cost will be $11,310.


The total for the hotel will be $1,547. The hotel is named Radisson. It is located in Melbourne, Florida. It is right in front of the beach. It has a dinning room, a living room, and lots of rooms.
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We would all go to the beach in front of the hotel. I hope I learn how to swim better than I do. We will also go to The Mansion and try new foods. We would go to a museum and tour. Me and my sisters could explore the hotel also.


  • $11,310 in traveling (there and back)
  • $9,282 in lodging (6 nights)
  • $229.50 in food
  • The total money spent is $20,821.50