La Luna Island

Where there is always a full moon


La Luna is land is a beautiful with crystal blue lakes and rivers. Mountains that reach to 3,000 to 4,900 feet. We also have a inactive volcano as old as time. Move to our island and you won't regret it these are some reasons why you should move to our island.


La Luna Island is a dazzling island located in the Pacific Ocean close to Hawaii and North America. The exact location of our island is 15N 136W.


Our government is a Direct Democracy. Our government is so every one can put there input in the decisions we make as a community. We have a Direct Democracy so nobody will use abuse their power or use it incorrectly.


Because of our government our economy is Free Enterprise (Capitalism). Because we have a Direct Democracy our people are free to own their own business and make the economic decisions. We make most of our money by manufacturing. Because of this we are Developed. Our island mostly export cars and import fruits and vegetables.


Our country was founded by Mexicans who were exploring the Pacific and happened to stumble on the island. When they decided to populate the island they had discover no matter what there was always a full moon. This is why it is called La Luna island Luna is the Spanish word for moon.