Early Childhood Update

Parents as Teachers

Parents as teachers is a home visitor program that offers information about child development as well as tips and ideas for providing engaging learning experiences in your home. If you sign up for parents as teachers, you will be connected with a parent educator to schedule a visit either in your home, or here at the school. You will play with your child as you learn new ideas to promote learning and development. You parent educator will work with you to find a time to meet each month that is convenient for your schedule.

If you would like to sign up for Parents as Teachers please fill out the form using the link below. Or, you can pick up a paper copy at the preschool. Once you have registered you will be contacted by your parent educator.

If you have any questions, call the preschool office at 836-4434 or email sarah.shaw@parkcountyre2.org.

PAT Registration Form


Playgroup meets every Tuesday at 11:00. We enjoyed beautiful weather throughout the fall, but it is time to move indoors. We will have ages 0-3 meet in one room, while another staff member supervises older siblings in another area. We respectfully ask adults to please wear a mask in the building, but children 3 and under will not be required to. Playgroup will meet every Tuesday that school is in session. You can view the school district calendar as well as see any announcements about school closures due to weather at parkcountyre2.org. If you have any questions please contact the preschool office at 836-4434 or email sarah.shaw@parkcountyre2.org.

Fall Festival

Thursday, Oct. 21st, 4-5pm

Edith Teter Preschool

Enjoy outdoor fall themed activities for families with children ages 0-5. Dress warm!

More Than A Pumpkin

Many of us enjoy carving pumpkins in October. You can make it an exciting learning opportunity for your little one. Use the tips below to support development as you have fun exploring your pumpkin!

  • Talk about what the pumpkin looks, feels and smells like.
  • Make a prediction about what is inside.
  • Carefully cut open the pumpkin.
  • Feel the insides, talk about what they look, feel, and smell like. Talk about whether or not your predictions were correct.
  • Look closely at a seed. (Supervise this well for kids under three because seeds can be a choking hazard.)
  • Discuss where pumpkins might come from and how they grow.
  • Cut pieces out of the pumpkin in shapes. Dip the shapes in paint and use them as stamps to create artwork.
  • Use golf tees and a hammer to hammer holes into the pumpkin.
  • Rinse the seeds and roast them in the oven. Then talk about what they taste like.
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