10 Biggest Rainforest In The World

10 biggest rainforest in the world and their locations

Created By: Rey, Cielo, and Mónica

1. Amazon Rainforest

La selva Amazónica está cerca de Brasil.
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2. The Congo Rainforest

El Congo Selva está al lado del río Congo en África central.
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3. Valdivian Temperate Rainforest

Validivian está en Chile y Argentina.
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4. Daintree Rainforest

Daintree está a la derecha de Queensland, Australia.
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5. Southeast Asian Rainforest

La Selva tropical del sudeste asiático se encuentra en Brune , Camboya , Indonesia , Laos , Malasia , Myanmar , Filipinas , Singapur , Tailandia y Vietnam.
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6. Tongass National forest

La Bosque nacional Tongass está bajo Alaska.
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7. Kinabalu National Park

Kinabalu está encima de Malasia.
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8. Santa Elena cloud forest reserve

de santa elena bosque de nubes se encuentra en el altiplano central de Costa Rica
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9. SinHaraja Forest Reserve

SinHaraja forest is in Sri Lanka
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10. Pacific Temperate Rainforest

Pacific Temperate is located in North America
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Rainforest Survey

5/10 people knew what a RF is.

2/10 knew where they are.

They said in the Amazon and in Asia.

5/10 knew what animals are in the RF.

5/10 knew which are endangered.

0/10 knew what % of oxygen the RF gives off.

0/10 knew what medicines come from the RF.

0/10 knew what a Shaman is.

5/10 knew that they're being destroyed.

7/10 said catsclaw, 3/10 said Passion flower.