your Super Accelarated Macanical Machinery best friend

For sale now starting at 299.99 (Made in Brazil.)

The new S.A.M.M. friend

The new samm bot is an all around win. It has endless uses and is easy to use for any age. It can be your handy helper for big jobs or just go get you a cold soda. Plus its super easy to use for any age, all you have to do is give a command. You will never be ignored, because he talks back.

Your companion will always be by your side

Stem Technology

Stem technology has evolved the use of domestic technology. They have used the latest and greatest super computer technology for the S.A.M.M. bot. It is now smarter, faster, stronger, and more durable than ever.
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S.A.M.M. is more reliable than ever

With the new bulletproof, fireproof, waterproof, and radiation proof. The new S.A.M.M. is practically indestructible. If the S.A.M.M. crashes you will get a free new one shipped to your door.
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The S.A.M.M. can help with any job

With its new size, strength, and durability the S.A.M.M. can help with any job. It can help you do everything.
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S.A.M.M. Has began to go global so we have invested in billboards, magazine adds, and t.v. commercials
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The new size

The new S.A.M.M. is now only one foot tall! With the new features the S.A.M.M. is completely portable and can get into any space to fix a problem and save you money.
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Customizes to your personality

The S.A.M.M. bot can change it into any color or style you want it to. So now you give it the command i=and it will change.
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