Kelsey Stanley


Ratatouille tasting fireworks strawberry

Mmm, Yumm, How Ever Do I Describe

Throughout my whole life I have been intrigued by by the culinary world. I always thought that one day it would be me combining flavors with culinary genuises across the world. I not only love to mix and match flavors, but I love to make them my own. I want people to taste my food and go 'wow I've never tasted anything like this before'. My whole life I've always wanted to do something great and I think that this video of "Ratatouille" explains perfectly what I want to do with my life.

The Art of Perfection or Should I Say Patience.

The Picture below shows someone gentley plating a food item. I feel as if plating is my strong suit because I take my time and really show the most appealing visual representation possible. I also try to think "ok what would the customer really commend upon the plate" or "what the customer be astounded by visually?" It's these little things that make plating for me easier because i'm not really the calmest or most patient person in the room. Sometimes I feel like throwing it all on the plate and getting it out the window, but I quickly realize that this is something that I want to do for the rest of my life so I need to be able to own these simple skills.

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Is it Insomnia or is this normal?

Like most teens I suffer from not being able to sleep then being very hard to awaken in the morning. I feel as if the teens in this day and age cant fall asleep as easily as before because they have new electric innovations in front of them.I feel as though this strongly relates to me because I can never sleep very well. I always have had issues waking up early because I always fall asleep very late at night. Many a times its hard for me to realize that my sleeping habits often get in the way of me progressing in life, but even though i and many others have to live with this I can still make it work and I can still make the most out of what I am given including three hours of sleep.