Principal Update

September 2017 Edition

PLC and Collaboration Time

This week we break off from the whole group PLC Monday experience and get into an extreme focus on the Reading Units of Study. Your CL will guide your experience the next few weeks and remember you and your team are thinking about what you need in relationship to digging into the Units. Be reflective, be honest, and plan steps that you know you will accomplish. Progress is key and we can't afford to over extend on this particular work. Here are a few reminders that correlate to your eval conferences.

  • The Units are not intended to be read in script format, but they may feel that way in the beginning. Teachers who prepare and get to know the units will speak the language and not require a script. Start where you are comfortable, but in the end our script is our "reading conversation."

  • Keep a relentless eye on provocation during the Units. When do your students spark interest in a project direction? When are you taking advantage of those provocations? Project is part of our work in HSE21, beware of the "block" thinking, we can't afford to go back to silo instructional practices.

PLC Date Focus and Location:

  • 9/11/17 - Grade Level Specific Team - Reading Units of Study
  • 9/18/17 - Grade Level Specific Team - Reading Units of Study
  • 9/25/17 - Grade Level Specific Team - Reading Units of Study
  • 10/2/17 - K-4 TOGETHER - LIBRARY - Agenda coming from Megan T.
  • 10/9/17 - K-4 TOGETHER - LIBRARY - Agenda coming from Megan T.

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Important Dates

September 12 - Admin Meeting (DK, Rich & Servizzi out AM)

September 14 - Staff Meeting @ 7:40 AM, Preschool @ 7:30 AM

September 19 - RTI Individual Teacher Sign Ups Grades 3 & 4

September 19 - Cultural Competency Team Meeting (all welcome) 4:00-5:00

September 20 - School Picture Day

September 21 - ENL Playdate @ Brooks School Road Park 4:30-5:30

September 27 - RTI Individual Teacher Sign Ups Grades 1 & 2/K (if needed)

Evaluation - Have you completed these simple items?

Evaluation To do:

  • Schedule a Beginning of Year Conference with your evaluator.
  • Fill out your goals FORM located on your team page.
  • Schedule your LONG evaluation with your evaluator.

Response to Instruction

Individual meetings for teachers are around the corner to begin the progress monitoring plan for any students receiving instruction that is different than CORE instruction. Our progress monitoring tool for all RTI students is AimsWeb (math and reading).

Required prior to transitioning a child to Tier 2:

  • multiple data points
  • discussed the child with your team
  • documented strategies attempted and duration
  • parent contact

Filling out the Forms Doc for RTI is new this year and will help streamline the one on one meetings because the information will already have been reviewed.

Please sign up here for your one on one to discuss RTI. More information regarding the Doc and one on one meetings to come at Staff Meeting.

NWEA Reports

Click here to access a video showing how to obtain your ASG NWEA report.

HSE District will send all reports to parents via email. NO NEED to send or print. Please pull them up on your device for parent conferences and save us a tremendous amount of paper expense.

Lunch & Recess

The flow of the cafe with specials and recess is running smoother.

Please remember:

  • To be on time best you can (we understand life happens).
  • Be mindful of using the bathroom located near cafe (try to use it in between recess times) and not while children are releasing to recess to avoid congestion.
  • Do not allow students to place Ipads/lunch boxes etc in middle of hallway when at restroom.
  • Have radios on during recess and continue using only for emergencies and high priority communication with office/nurse.
  • Excellent job with spreading out across different recess zones. Remember we encourage safe play but do not need to be police officers. Play with the children!

Mrs. Baer is rocking Discovery!

Children are buzzing about Discovery time in specials. Thank you teachers for your flexibility as Sara continues to learn how to navigate classroom to classroom and learn names of all the children and staff. She has a list of items that were mentioned in Bear Bulletin in case you have some to donate for upcoming STEM challenges. If there is any feedback for our new Discovery class please see Mrs. Baer or Mrs. Rich! Kudos to Sara for kicking off the year with great challenges K-4!

Pasta Bowl Fundraiser

Do not forget to remind students to bring in pasta for our yellow bins this week!
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Discipline from 2016-2017

Above is our total number of "majors" recorded last year broken down by grade, gender and undesired behavior.

BSE's Discipline goals for 2017-2018:

  1. Use PBIS team to unveil 10 videos regarding behavior expectations around building.
  2. Decrease the number of referrals by 30%. (134 total referrals).
  3. Decrease the number of referrals of males (88% of referrals are male).

2017-2018 Discipline Referrals so far... Aug and September combined (15!)

Responsive Classroom

The Power of Our Words is an excellent resource to help us reinforce, remind and redirect behavior.

Name concrete and specific behaviors.

Instead of: “Your spelling shows progress. Try: “You remembered to change the ‘y’ to ‘i’ when adding ‘ed.’ “

Prompt children to remember for themselves.

Instead of: “Sit alone or next to someone you won’t be tempted to talk to. Put away everything you don’t need. If your mind wanders, take a few deep breaths and tell your mind to come back to your reading.” Try: “Think about what you can do to help yourself concentrate.”

Be direct and specific.

Instead of: “Casey, you need to work harder.” Try: “Casey, put your watch away and continue with your assignment right now.”

Click here to learn how teachers can use language-words, tone, and pace to increase student engagement.

Dear Teacher: Heartfelt Advice for Teachers from Students

Hurricane Relief

Has your class expressed interest in helping out hurricane victims? HRE approached us to coordinate our efforts and work collaboratively on a project. They are currently leaning toward collecting money, but they may collect goods if they can secure a truck to transport them. They are seeing this as a long term project that may last through the end of the year. This could be a way to bring Global Goals to the classroom and let students drive our involvement.

If you're interested in working on this project, contact Allison Haltom via email. We can set up an after school brainstorming session and get started!

HSE Teacher Absence Report Update - August

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PBIS Videos 1 & 2

The PBIS team is working hard to create 10 videos that will help with procedures and the way we do things here at BSE when it comes to language we use, hallways, bathrooms, cafe, discipline, etc. All videos are mandatory to be viewed by each class the month of September and below are the first two! Please share any feedback you have with Andrea Thorne.

Click here to view BSE Mission and Motto.

Click here to view Time to Reflect Sheets.