Jacob Riis

A world changing muckracker

The early life of Jacob Riis

Jacob Riis was a very generous nice person. He was influenced by his father also authors. He fell in love with a wealthy local women (Elizabeth Gortz) but was not allowed to marry her.

Why was Jacob Riis a muckracker?

Jacob Riis was a muckraking journalist. He would take pictures of tenements, slums and poor living conditions. He first published a book in 1889, it was called "How the other half lives". It caught the peoples eyes and drew a lot of attention to it. People were shocked at how poorly the living conditions were. His goal was to fix the city, and he succeeded because after the book was published, the NYC police commissioner closed down all the lodging houses that Jacob Riis had put in the book.

Jacob Riis was not a ProgRIISive

Jacob Riis The Muckraker

Jacob Riis' Accomplishments

He shut down a lot of scummy run down places like tenement houses. He documented bad living conditions and made a book called "how the other half lives". It was a very successful book.

I wanted to research Jacob Riis

I wanted to research Jacob Riis because I would like to learn more about him and his personal life. Also I wanted to know how he got up all the courage to publish a book about slums.