Take A Trip With Rachel

Amazing 6 day trip!


Are you ready to take one of the most interesting and exciting trips of your life? If you are, than this trip is for you! This trip goes from an exciting game of softball or volleyball at my high school to a relaxing day at the lake! We will be going to 3 amazing locations that you will never forget. We will take a trip to the softball field and volleyball court for some friendly fun, go to my bible camp to explore the wilderness and become closer to God, and lastly, go to my family's cabin for long boat rides and warm campfires. When you leave, you will feel as if you've experienced another way of living and want to take this trip every year!

First stop: The Softball field and Volleyball court!

This is a GREAT place for you to bring your family and friends to exercise and just have some good-old fashioned fun. You're provided with all the necessities from a bat for softball to a net for volleyball. Everything you could want and need is here, including a concessions stand with all the works. This place is very important to me for many reasons. The first reason is that I practically grew up on the softball field. The field has many sentimental memories for me such as being the place where I caught my first ball, creamed the ball for my first home run and slid for the first time. Secondly, I've been playing volleyball for 3 years and been on the A team for all that time and am working toward becoming varsity either sophomore or junior year. I've learned many skills from serving to blocking on this court and I never want to quit playing! Lastly, I played softball for almost half my life for RGSA. I grew up with these girls and am still very good friends with many of them today. Winning a game or a match for me feels like I'm leaping over the clouds, like I'm on cloud 9.

Softball and volleyball court!

Friday, May 24th, 10am-2pm

7001 South Harriet Avenue

Richfield, MN


10:00am Arrival

10:15am Decide what you want to play (Volleyball or Softball)

10:30-12:00pm PLAY and work up an appetite

12:00pm Get some lunch at the concessions stand

12:30-1:30pm Go back to having fun for another hour

1:30-2:00pm Wash up and get changed

2:00pm Departure

Second stop: Inspiration point bible camp!

After enjoying a nice time playing softball and volleyball you will be heading to my bible camp where you will escape from all your sins! You will spend 3 days here and become more in touch with God. You can scamper into the lake, have bible study and have a bonfire while chanting campfire songs. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided and during free time you can go and buy a snack inside the gift shop along with many souvenirs! The food here tastes as incredible as drinking a tall frosty glass of iced tea on a hot summers day. I've been going to this bible camp for 2 years and will continually go to renew my spiritual relationship with God. This bible camp has made a HUGE impact on me and how I see the world. Its given me a change in my perspective on life and taught me to think in a way of the glass being half full instead of half empty. The first year I came, I didn't know what to expect. I soon realized what I really needed was to get out of the house and spend more one on one time with God and that's what your going to do here! Every year when I leave I get into my mom's car and as we drive home I feel the tears sliding down my face like a waterfall. You won't want to leave!

Inspiration Point Bible Camp!

Friday, May 24th, 3pm to Sunday, May 26th, 7pm

13207 Inspiration Trail

Clitherall, MN


3:00pm Arrival

3:30pm Assign cabins and get settled in

4:00- 5:30pm Free time

5:30pm Dinner

6:30pm Bible study

8:00pm Campfire

6:30am Polarbear plunge (every morning if wanted)

Sunday, May 26th 7pm Departure

Last stop: My Family Cabin!

When you're done exploring the wilderness and renewing your relationship with God it's time to take a trip to my cabin! This is where you'll meet my family and just go crazy having boat loads of fun! You won't know when to get out of the water until you look at your finger tips and see that they look like shriveled old raisins! You will be provided with every meal by my generous family and provided with rooms being in my cabin or in the little bunk house right next to my cabin. This place is great for just relaxing and getting your tan on or splashing through the lake like there's no tomorrow! This place is very important to me because I have been going to my cabin for a few years until it was remodeled into a lake home. This place holds so many memories for me including the gigantic daddy long leg that was on my back, both my sister, Hayley, and my cousin, Cooper, falling between the boat and the dock when they were little and spending time on the boat watching the fireworks on the Fourth of July. The fireworks lite up the sky like millions of multicolored fireflies. When my family comes to the cabin this is the only time we see our cousins from Colorado and its so exciting to see them and see how much they have grown.

My Family Cabin!

Sunday, May 26th, 9pm to Wednesday, May 29th, 11pm

5287 Kimble Creek Rd

Pequot Lakes, MN


9:00pm Arrival

9:30pm Get everyone settled in

9:45pm Snack time

8:00am Breakfast

9:00am-12:00pm Fun time doing whatever you wish

12:00pm Lunch

1:00-6:00pm Fun Time

6:00pm Dinner

7:00pm Fireworks

Tuesday, May 28 11:00am Departure


We have been given 2 awards this year for having:

*Great hospitality

*Great generousity

"It was a place where we could reunite with our family."

-Hayley Hadges

"The people who put this whole thing on are quite incredible for knowing what each individual would like."

- Emma Shaw

"I had a blast coming here this year and am looking forward to coming again next year."

-Tony Johnson

"Both my children love it here and were really upset when we had to leave so we are booking another vacation here next year!"

-Kathy Stevens

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