SeokJoon Keun

Seoul Philharmonic(Chamber Orchestra)


Divertimento in D major, K. 136 for chamber orchestra




About the composer and work.

Baptised as Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart, who called himself Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born January 27, 1756, in Salzburg, Austria.

We are familiar to hear Mozart’s name and masterpieces in the concert hall, on TV, on the radio, in certain restaurants. Also familiar to hear an Italian and German terms which “nachtmusik” and a “serenade”. A “nachtmusik” was a “night piece,” a “serenade” was an “evening piece”. Likewise a “divertimento” was a “piece for enjoyment.” As its name hints, a divertimento is intended to give pleasure to listener and makes light atmosphere.

Between 1769 and 1772, Mozart had three journeys to Italy. During the final trip Mozart composed Divertimento in D major, K.136 (125a), in early 1772 in Salzburg at the age of sixteen.

Most divertimenti had six or seven movements, Mozart’s divertimento, D major, K.136 is three short movements and no minuets. Divertimento in D major, K.136 rely on sonata form, fast-slow-fast after the manner of the Italian sinfonia.

At the opening of Allegro, violin part intended to focus on their virtuosic techniques since Mozart had very fine violinists available in Salzburg. The development moves into the minor mode, violin over jolted violas and a bass with pizzicato make open a sudden second episode.

The Andante, warm and slow movement development lasts only seven measures. Unlike a first movement’s virtuosic first violin technique, first and second violin make unison a lot and it sounds song-like, and quite graceful.

The last movement, presto, which shows most Italianate movement, jolt, lush and eloquent. Mozart had studied in Italy, Giovanni B. Martini's Art of the Fugue. The Italy experience had been in melting his musical composition.

I schedule this piece at the top of the concert.

Performance time: about twelve minutes.

Seoul Philharmonic Concert With SeokJoon Keun

Saturday, July 1st 2017 at 7pm

Seoul Arts Center, Nambusunhwan-ro, Seoul, South Korea