Chile the narrowest country in South America

History: When did Chile get its independence and how? From?

Since you asked,in 1810,Chileans brave and strong told the Spanish that they no longer wanted to be ruled by a country so far way.Of course Spanish didn't want to give up control easy as that without a tough fight.Then,war began it continued then after a few years of war Chileans joined their troops with those of Jose' DE San Martin in Argentina and quickly defeated the Spanish near the capital Santiago.1818 a excellent year for the Chileans because 1818 is when they got their independence . Bernardo O' Higgins was their first president the one who started this all without him Chile might ever had its independence

Resources/Economy:What are Chile's imports and exports?

Chile's economy is one of the strongest in South America.Chile is the worlds largest producer of copper.Chile's imports including exports are petroleum,grapes,apples,nectarines,and peaches. Chile ships it imports and exports to more than 40 countries in the world.

Culture: What holidays does Chile celebrates

Chile celebrates many holidays ,but I have three unique or three that had a importance to Chile. One of them is the Sunday after Easter Chileans observe Doming DE Quasimodo to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. September 18th or "dieciocho" the country celebrates Independence Day or Fiestas Patrias commemorating the beginning or there road to freedom from Spain although Chile officially proclaimed its independence the 12th or February

What is the elevation of Chile and how does it affect people?

Chile extends 2,650 miles from north to south.Chile's elevation is 6,893 its highest point. Chile's longest river Loa River which causing Chile to have a large fish industries