13 Colonies Update


I asked a German immigrant what it is like to have settled in Pennsylvania. He stated “ I love it here in Pennsylvania and William Penn for creating it, and they have religious tolerance.” He sounded so fascinated that I decided to go ask a Plymouth settler. She told me that “Plymouth was not a good place to live back in the day, but now it is a beautiful place to live.” So apparently the way of life here changes many times over a few years.


The Southern colonies got the money by selling tobacco and rice. They sold the tobacco to Europe. Growing tobacco and getting ready for sale was good labor. Southern planters used enslaved africans for work.

Rice harvesting required so much hard work, rice growers relied on slave labor. Rice was more profitable than tobacco. Rice got more popular in southern Europe the price steadily rose.


Once there became a lot of settlers in the colonies they needed a government to settle conflicts and to establish laws.The pilgrims on their journey over to virginia ended up north and named their colony Plymouth.While on the Mayflower they made the Mayflower compact which pledged their loyalty to England and their intention of farming.

There were three different types of government in the colonies,these were charter,royal,and proprietary.Even though they were different types of government they had some similarities.They all elected their own legislature, they were all democratic governments, they all had a governor with a governor’s court and a court system.

The governor held the executive power of the colony and represented England.The council had strong men who supported the governor they also held and administrative powers. An assembly was chosen and represented the colonies this was the structure of their government.



In past couple of decades we have had a struggle with religion in the colonies. Now though I think that a preacher has the right idea on how to start a revival. I met with the preacher named George Whitefield the other day and he has been starting a new movement called the great awakening. When he arrived in 1739 he was trying to return us back to the strong faith of the earlier days. Another preacher that has been helping the movement was Jonathan Edwards and a lot more; as they worked together, they helped the movement in raising the older stronger faith to the newer generations.