December 2015

Secondary Science

Grant News

It has been a busy first semester and many of you have been able to participate in various professional development opportunities related to our STEM grant. The goal of this grant is to support the acquisition of content knowledge and expertise to prepare teachers to be able to provide rigorous academic experiences for our students that will ultimately spark a pursuit of a STEM degree or career.

Below are just some of the things we have been up to.

University of Houston Kickoff Partnership with Tier 1 Teachers

Tier 2 Teachers learned about Microgravity with our partners at San Jacinto Aerospace Academy

Student service learning project

As part of the grant we must facilitate a student service learning project. Here is just one of the things we have been working on. KMS students are creating a sustainable ecosystem with the donation of various plants and trees. Construction of this project in on its way.

Each campus will contribute to this project with: Birdhouses, rain barrels, and compost bins.

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Aspiring Leadership meeting was held last night

Teachers from across the district participated in Sheldon ISD's Aspiring Leaders Institute. Read this article to see how you can begin to develop your leadership skills. Continuing to grow and learn is how we serve our students everyday. Two secondary science teachers were in attendance, great job!

TEA Updates

Curriculum Update: CTE Courses that Count for Science Credit. Revised TEKS implemented in 2017-2018.
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Science TEKS will be Streamlined.

In the Spring of 2016 the process to "Steamline" the TEKS will begin. TEKS will not change grade levels but will be reworded for clarity. No new instructional materials will be provided. You will begin to see emails if you want to be on this State committee. Implementation will occur in 2017.
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TEA Update on STAAR

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