Jennifer Vasquez, Tyra Huynh

What to do in an Earthquake

Try to stay away from glass, window, outside door, and anything that can fall on you. Do not use a door way except if you know it is strongly supported. Also be aware of electricity that may go into sprinkler or fire alarm

What to do if you're indoors

If you are indoors during an earthquake ensure

you drop to the ground take cover by getting under

a stored table or try to hold on into furniture.

What to do after an earthquake

Check yourself and other for injuries. Also check the

water,gas,and electric lines for damage. If damaged

shut off the valves. Try to turn on the radio. Stay away

from damaged building and areas. Be careful around

broken glass and debris. Wear boots or sturdy shoes

from cutting your self.

How to be prepared

What you need:

. food or water

. first aid kit

. fire extinguisher

. flashlight

. blankets/clothe/shoes

. money