By: Marriza Valdez

All people wonder what famous person or people go hurt playing soccer.all of us hope they fully recovered but some people actually did not,so these two people got hurt playing soccer during a big game.

The people that got hurt were - Eduardo da silva - during a match, David busst - during a match. How they got hurt - David Busst - the Coventry defender David busst commissioned with Manchester united defender Denis Irwin.

As a result,Busst got his leg broken so badly that the bone pierced the skin and his blood had to be from the pitch.

He had a compound fracture of his tiba and fibula and could never play professionally again,Eduardo da Silva - eduardo received an appalling tackle by Birmingham city defender Martin Taylor,as a consequence,Da silva had a broken left fibula and dislocated his left ankle.

When they got hurt - Eduardo da silva - In February 2008, in a match,David busst - in April 1996, in a match.