By: Sierra Hampton

Acrostic Poem

Kind and sweet

Inspiring to some

To cute to hate

Tails move back and front

Exporting every corner

Not strong


Color Poem

Green is the color of my dream car

Green is leaves growing

Green smells like freshly cut grass

Green tastes like a sweet juicy kiwi

Green sounds like biting into a crisp green apple

Green looks like freshly printed money

Green feels like leaves brushing aginst me in a walk in the woods

Green makes me smile at growing flower buds

Green is the swampland water flow



I am Wind

Dancing calmly as I blow.

Playing with seed as they ride on me.

I'm mad in the winter,

calm in the spring

I can't sleep or rest

I am wind



Ode to my cat

My dear cat I love you

You make me happy

I'm lucky to have a cat like you

When I feel alone you are there

Your funny actions make me smile

You always want to be petted

Your sweet meow tells it all

One day you'll be gone but I will still love you

My dear, dear cat


Makes Me Think of Poem

Birds makes me think of flying

Flying makes me think of sky

Sky makes me think of clouds

Clouds makes me think of white

White makes me think of Cats

Cats makes me think of hunter

Hunters make me think of birds



There was two foxes A

That seen four oxes A

They was pulling wood B

For an old man with a hood B

That made small boxes A


Rhyme scheme

There was an old man A

He lived with a cat B

It was fluffy and white C

And wore a small top hat B


Exaggeration Poem

A nice stroll in the park

The young one near the dock

I seen a cute and small dog

The cute thing let out a bark so loud that china could hear it.

I jumped ten feet high,

The dogs bark could knock over trees.

When the owner came over,

She grabbed the dogs collar.

The dogs stopped the bark and started to walk but the owner had stopped.

"Are you ok." the fun sized girl asked.

"Yes" I just came for,

A nice stroll in the park.



The pretty night sky,

It shines time and time again,

Then sun rises


Blazon poem

My hair long Like vines

My eyes like bark on a tree

My attitude is graceful like a flower in the wind

My energy is high like a cloud

My courage is like a soldier

My poem Bright like the sun

I am a great friend

I am Sierra