Tim burners Lee

The Father of the world wide web


Tim burners lee was a man born in 8th of June 1955 in London , England . He went to the university of Oxfordshire and grew to create one of the biggest thing man and woman use and take for granted every single day ... The world wide web .

His ambition

Tim , since his childhood wanted to do something big and in 1994 that came to life when he released the world wide web that was adapted into text , E-mail or nearly any social pipeline that is used today . These started by sprouting from his idea of a world wide connection and searching machine that creates nearly any possibility . It has revolutionised the way we live , and I think we should be grateful for .

The Internet

When Tim created Www , it started the birth of many things that require the internet that in a way were like a boosting pad for main companies that are mainly used today . Most of these are apps or do not vary between several tech companies . One that is most used for Microsoft , Nokia , maybe even Apple , Windows has started a large spread of computer , tablet and phone software and of course it would need the internet to be were it is now .

current status

For the worlds benefit of communication he has created some of the things we take for granted every day and we do not notice the hard work that was put into making the internet ...