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The Afghanistan and Pakistan Wars

Reasons why their is conflict with militant groups

1. During the cold war the US supported militant groups in Afghanistan to fight the Soviet Union. The US promised to help rebuild the country after the war, but the US ended up not helping at all. The militant groups ended up hating the US, making them the US's enemy.

2. Tensions flared once again after 9/11 when Al Qaida bombed the world trade center and the pentagon. The US chased Al Qaida leader Osama Bin Laden (Top Right) into Pakistan.

3. The militant groups are considered terrorists by the US. All terrorists are enemies of the US.

Main events in Afghanistan war

1. Sept 11 2001 - Al Qaida flies planes into the world trade center, later known as 9/11

2. Sept 18 2001 - President George W. Bush authorizes the use of force against those responsible for 9/11

3. Oct 7 2001 - US military with British support begins a series of bombings against the Taliban

4. Dec 9 2001 - The Taliban collapses, Leader Mullah Omar flees Kandahar

5. May 1 2003 - Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld states that Major Combat operations are over (Like Bush's mission accomplished speech)

6. Feb 17 2009 - Obama plans to send 17,000 more soldiers to combat terrorism in the region

7. May 1 2011 - Osama Bin Laden is killed by Seal Team 6

8. 2012 - Obama announces all troops to be withdrawn by 2016

Pictures of Events

Did the war in Afghanistan help or hurt the US's image?

The wars have helped the US's image. In Pakistan, the US dismantled the Taliban in just a few months. The US freed the people of Pakistan from the Taliban's rule, leaving them free to govern themselves as they want. The country is now lead by a prime minister. Another the war helped our image was neutralizing a person who was high up in terrorist ranks. Osama Bin Laden was killed by the US making the US look stronger.


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