Life Cyle of a Frog

From egg to Frog

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Egg identification

Collect frog eggs from nearby pond. We will use an identification chart with us to help us identify the eggs.We will also have a picture chart of the eggs for any child who needs one.

Tadpole identification

Once our eggs have hatched we will use a tadpole identification chart to identify the different types of tadpoles.

Life Cycle of a frog book

Read the children a book on the life-cycle of a frog. Post pictures in the art area of the life cycle of frog and have the children create the life cycle by cutting pictures out of magazines or off of pictures we print out and pasting them on a paper plate around the outside of the plate.

Egg to Frog life-cycle

We are going to hatch eggs in a fish tank and watch them as they go from a tadpole into the tailing disappearing, the head and tongue forming. The kids will do different drawings and different observation projects throughout the course of this wonder project.