Jolly Time Popcorn

Made by: Joely, Isaac, and Kaitlynn

Pros of Jolly Time Popcorn!

Over 50% of the class chose popcorn over Cheese-its and cheese and crackers. Is

Gluten-Free! Also half natural ingredients! Only eating 1 cup is 30 calories. Jolly Time is

4% Iron, 2% Vitamin A, also 0% cholesterol! Is also edible for people with allergies.

Price, Taxes, and Unit Price

For a box of the delicious Jolly Time popcorn, it will cost you $3.19 with tax!

The tax amount is 0.21, and without tax, the cost would be $2.98.

The Percentages

The percentages are:

Fat: 27.3%

Cholesterol: 0%

Carbohydrates : 51.5%

Protein: 6.06%

Sugar: 0%

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