Nightmare on Queen Street

By: Riley Rising

Changing The Way We Drop Off

At Newtown Middle School we need to create a way for people to drop off their kids without a tremendous amount of hassle. I feel that the way I designed the Nightmare on Queen Street will solve this problem and help make the drop off nightmare more adequate.


Some of the changes I made when creating the Nightmare on Queen Street were the horseshoe, the cafeteria drop off, and the parking lot exit. I added a little pull off so the people waiting in line wouldn't be on the road but instead off to the side of it allowing for a safer intersection. To the cafeteria drop off I changed the bottle neck entrance into a wide space allowing people to pass through faster and smoother. Finally I created a way for people to exit the parking lot much faster. By adding another lane to the exit, people are able to flow in and out freely. This helps solve the gridlock that commonly occurs.


While developing a better solution to the problem at hand I was able to observe the amount of cars entering both the horseshoe and the cafeteria. I observed approximately 225 cars entering the horseshoe with 100 to 150 approach from the North bound side and approximately 100 to 125 approach from the South bound lane. I also observed approximately 200 cars entering the cafeteria drop off area with approximately 100 cars from the North bound lane and 100 cars from the South bound lane.