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9/28/15 Faculty/Staff News By: Bonnie Hall, Principal

More Megabytes Coming Soon!

What's All That Noise?

Remember how p a i n f u l l y s l o w the Internet speed in the school was at the end of last year? Those days are over! Your SmartBoards and Prometheans will be humming when this fiber optic cable (pictured) is buried and carrying super speedy precious MBPS (megabytes per second.) So, please excuse all the noise.

AT&T takes care of the cost of getting the cable to the building including repairing sidewalks, etc. We will incur a slight cost to install a circuit breaker/electrical box in the school hall. (Work being completed by Ed Stone on Wed., Sept. 23rd.) A generous parishioner has sent us a check to cover this cost. God is good, and so are our parishioners.

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Please Show Your Class This Video (from me)...

Kid President's 20 Things We Should Say More Often

Professionally Speaking...

This week's articles...

This week's quotes and articles come from The Education Gadfly, The Atlantic, AMLE Magazine, Principal Leadership, BuzzFeed, American School Board Journal, Time Magazine, Peabody Journal of Education, and Teaching Children Mathematics. The headlines:

- What kind of smarts should schools be developing?

- How serious are we about civic education?

- Handling confrontations with particularly challenging students

- Addressing various parent concerns

- Twelve big ideas in science

- Keys to increasing classroom rigor

- Embarrassment, guilt, humiliation, and shame

- Insights from Germany on assessing teachers' professional competence

- Finding numbers in the real world

And The Survey Says...

Traditional, It Is!

I will be planning a traditional dinner for you on the evening of Parent/Teacher Conferences on Friday, November 6th at 4-5 p.m. Thank you for taking my survey.
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