The Olympics


History of the Olympics.

Wondering how the Olympics started? Here are three answers how the Olympics got started. First, the Olympics started in Olympia. Next, only rich men could compete. Last, the first Olympics began about 3,000 years ago. That’s all about the history about the Olympics; now let’s talk about my favorite Olympic sport, snowboarding.

History of Snowboarding

Swish! Want to hear the history about snowboarding? Here are some sentences about the history about snowboarding. First, snowboarding has six events: Half Pipe, Parallel, Giant Slalom, Cross, Slopestyle and Pardle Slalom. Seconded, in 2002 snowboarding has become a famous sport. Last, snowboarding started in 1998 in the Winter Olympics.

The Paralympics

Now the paper will discuss about my favorite athlete in Snowboarding

My favorite Athlete in Snowboarding.

There are many famous athletes in the world that competed in the Winter Olympics in snowboarding. This is my favorite snowboarder, Shaun White. Here are some Shaun White facts and how many gold medals he’s won. First, he won 13 gold medals in the Winter X Games. He is also a two time gold medalist in the 2006 and 2010 Winter Olympics. So Shaun White has won 15 gold medals total, wow what an athlete.

How Snowboarding is played and won.

This paper will discuss how snowboarding is played and won. First, the players get scored by: 0.1-10. The players have to do tricks and land perfectly to get scored. The player with the most points wins a gold medal.