The American System

Henry Clay's Proposal for a Better America


This new system being proposed is a plan for a mercantilists economic plan. The goal is to strengthen America through many different ways. Those ways include protective tariffs to give the US businessman a market to sell their goods to within the United states, a national bank to promote a common currency between all the states and make it easier for states to trade and function with one another, and an improvement of US infrastructure because poor roads and infrastructure make everything slower and more costly. This proposal is for the better meant of America as a whole.

Main Points

1. National Bank will promote a common currency

2. Improvements in infrastructure will help everyone's mobility and the nation's economy through more efficient transportation methods

3. Protective tariff to protect American businesses


Joining the cause to create a better America will not only improve the nations roads and economies, you will also get to join sides with high ranking officials and politicians such as Henry Clay and Daniel Webster.