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January Newsletter

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What we are Learning this Month!


In reading, we will be working on Standard 6 ( Draw Conclusions) and Standard 7 (Cause and Effect). We will continue to send home the weekly reading quizzes so you can see how your student is doing on these standards.


In math, we will be finishing up our last two standards on decimal place value and area and perimeter. We will then move on to advanced standards where we will work again on each standard but this time at a deeper, more complex level.


In writing, we will be working on a State Informational Report. Students will research facts about the state the select and then write an informational report on these facts.


In science, we will be finishing up with learning about matter and electricity. We will then move on to social studies, which is studying the 50 states!


All 4th graders will take the DIBELS test this month. Remember this test is a reading diagnostic screener that will provide information on where your child is currently as a reader. We hope to see growth from the fall and for all students to be meeting the 4th grade goal. Please make sure your student gets enough rest the night before testing. Thank you!