Holifield Happenings

May 1, 2016

Upcoming Events

May 4 (Wed) - Westward Expansion test

May 11 (Wed) - SC PASS: Science

May 12 (Thurs) - SC PASS: Social Studies

May 13 (Fri) - Arts Day

May 16 (Mon) - Civil War test

May 17 (Tues) - Math MAP test (9:00 am)

May 18 (Wed) - Reading MAP test (9:00 am)

May 20 (Fri) - Field Trip to Middleton Place - and a much deserved break from testing!! :-)

May 25 (Wed) - Expert Project Showcase: time TBA; Jump and Jam

May 26 (Thurs) - Field Day

May 27 (Fri) - Career Day

May 30 (Mon) - Memorial Day: NO SCHOOL

May 31 (Tues) - Students dismissed at 10:45

Jun 1 (Wed) - Celebration of Learning 9:00; Students dismissed at 10:45

Jun 2 (Thurs) - Students dismissed at 10:45; Students' LAST DAY OF SCHOOL :D

Reading/Writing: Reading and Writing will be integrated into Social Studies for the next couple of weeks.

In Math, I have developed small groups through ALEKS and MAP reports. The children will work with their group as I rotate around to work with each group.

This week, Social Studies will be focused on Westward Expansion on Monday and Tuesday. That test will be on Wednesday. We will then move immediately into the Civil War. The children have background knowledge of this subject, so we will be able to move quickly through this as well. The test for Civil War will be on Monday, May 16th. I don't normally give tests on Mondays, but we have MAP testing on Tuesday and Wednesday of that week...and a field trip on Friday. Better to just get it done. :-)

Mark your calendars for May 25...our Expert Project Showcase! Time TBA soon.