The Raft Research

By: Cody Pickrell

Three Paragraphs

Before the plane crash

A girl named Robie who lives in Midway Island near Honolulu went to go visit her aunt AJ in Honolulu and when Robie got to Honolulu her aunt AJ told her she had to go to LA. They debated over if Robie had to go back to Midway Island or stay at AJ is apartment and they decided that Robie will stay alone. AJ also said that her friend Bobbi would check on Robie after she got off work. Then after some days Robie decided to go out and get some food. When she was done ordering her food and heading for AJ's apartment a guy yelled at her thinking she was Lucy and he grabbed Robie by the hair and another man saw the guy puling on Robie's hair and yelled at him and he let go. Then when he let go of Robie is hair , Robie ran crying to AJ's apartment and when she got inside she said she did not want to be alone and that she would fly back to Midway island and then she packed all her stuff and went to the airport.

In the ocean

Robie looked for Suzanne she was not there but she saw someone she knew who was Larry and Robie asked if she could go on the cargo plane to Midway island and Larry said yes and guy named Max was the co-pilot . They took off with the cargo and Robie found to empty sits and sat on one of them and fell asleep. When Robie woke up the engine had stopped and Max came to pull out a yellow raft and Max grabbed Robie and took her to the exit and told her to kick for the surface and then Max threw Robie out the plane. When Robie went into the water she then kicked for the surface trying to find the raft. When she found the raft Max was in there and then Robie got on then both of them slept on the raft. Several days have gone by Max is in a deep sleep and seen there is a hole in the raft and also a bucket and Max is ditty bag. She drags Max off the raft to bail out water in order to bail out water easier.

On the island and to the end

Several days later Robie spotted a island and she saw that she had to through a huge coral reef in order to get to the island. When Robie got to the island she went to look around if there was life around and also trying to find Max and she has not eaten well enough and she had to find Max. Days have passed on the island it has rained very little for Robie to have a drink of water. She goes to the shore of the island she sees a suit and she went to go get it she successfully got it and then after another day she say a boat that said NOAA. She yelled out hoping that they could hear her and then she fainted. They had her on the ship and they asked her how she was and they also gave her food,water, and new cloths. Robie also said that she lives on Midway Island and then they said they are going to get contact Midway so that she can go back home.