Jan Huss And Company Want To Change The Catholic Way

Jan Huss Burned At Stake For Heresy

Jan Huss believed that you should be able to hear your mass in your own language. He also said that you shouldn't be able to buy your way to heaven. The church captured him and burned him at the stake.

Martin Luther Follows Huss; Nails 95 Theses To Church Door In Whittenburg

Martin Luther, who believes in the teaching of Jan Huss nailed 95 theses or complaints to the door of the Roman Catholic Church in Whittenburg, Germany.

King Henry The Vii Becomes Protestant

KIng Henry The Vii becomes protestant due to the fact he wants to divorce his wife. Since you are not allowed to do that in the Roman Catholic religion King Henry became the first protestant King in history.

Elizabeth The 1st Becomes The First Protestant Queen

Elizabeth The 1st becomes the first protestant queen after she killed her older sister Mary who was the queen before her. She is the daugther og King Henry The Vii and Anne Bolyen.